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One-on-one, In-home Learning
All subjects, all ages, including special needs

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Our Team

Our team supports our tutors and customers in any accounts questions or tutoring needs they may have. They also help each student by matching them with the best possible tutor in order to achieve success.

Tutor Doctor® Calgary Education Consultant – Yossi Suissa

Our team - Calgary Tutor Doctor Education Consultant - Yossi SuissaI am excited about continuing to support students and their families by connecting them with excellent tutors who truly care. At Tutor Doctor® Calgary, our goal is to not only help learners improve grades and confidence, but also model organizational skills and foster a love of learning. As an experienced teacher, I know that regular one-on-one attention from a caring adult has a significant positive impact on a child’s schooling experience. The same is true for adult learners and high school students pursuing a wide range of academic courses.

During my exciting and busy career life, I developed a wealth of experiences working with hundreds of students and their families. Through paying close attention to students’ needs and clear communications with their families, we are able to address students’ diverse needs and learning styles.

I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Master of Arts degree specializing in Educational Technology. My love of learning, passion for innovation, and devotion to my students has lead me to a very rewarding career as an educator and administrator.

Dr. Sarah Chaudhry

Sarah looks after our office administration with passion, commitment, and a high degree of organization. She has extensive experience with customer service, client care, human resources and training. Sarah loves the challenge of helping each student by matching them with the best possible tutor in order to help students reach their goals. As team leader, she ensures that all our students and families get timely and excellent quality support. Sarah has been with Tutor Doctor® Calgary for the past seven years.

Cheryl Gee

Cheryl looks after our families and their students by providing ongoing support and care. She supports tutors and customers in any accounts questions or needs they may have. Cheryl’s background includes personnel, financial management, and general operations. Cheryl has been with Tutor Doctor® Calgary for the past seven years.

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Math & Science

  • Build Strong Foundation
  • Improve Study Skills
  • Prepare for Exams

Language Tutoring

  • Better Comprehension
  • Expand Vocabulary
  • Communication Skills

Special Needs

  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Focused Learning
  • Social Development

Test Preparation

  • Personalized Tutoring
  • ACT / SAT & More
  • Improved Grades